About Us & What We Do

Since 2014, AppArc has been dedicated to connecting with new advertisers across the globe. Apparc is structured to deliver a higher level of experience, expertise and strategic support to a variety of different verticals.

Product Experts

Our team has an extensive background in various product backend/marketing/support/management offering a unique add value to our partnerships

Strategic Marketing

Our wide range of marketing experience and affiliate tools help increase conversions and program performance. Dashboards, charts, graphs, metrics, you name it – we’ve got it.


Our traffic breaks down into three primary high-quality traffic sources: Facebook, Google, and Native. We are well versed in multiple channels. Here’s how it breaks down.

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Google 0
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What Our Clients Said

People can’t seem to stop talking about AppArc. See the proof below from some of our trusted clients!

How We Succeed


Every successful campaign begins with a well-architected plan. AppArc is here to help tailor an approach that will most effectively execute your end goals.


Our team of professionals will serve you in all stages of the building phase. Whether it be design or development, our goal is to build funnels that CONVERT!


AppArc's granular reporting with real-time performance metrics allows for greater visibility and opportunity for optimizations.


We provide critical data for you to make informed decisions. We work closely with our partners to ensure every dollar is spent as efficiently as possible.

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